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L.R. Carding Chute Feed Opening Roll
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To sustain International Quality, quality testings are progressed in every stage with imported testing equipments prior to deliverance. Srinivasa offers genuine guarantees for the procured products and the orders are delivered on customer requirements in reasonable costs. If you want to purchase our Below Listed Products, just specify your Machine Drawing No. to place an order.
Trumac Card - FBK & DSK Beater
We manufacture this Pin Beater using Aluminium Extrusion Material. With the help of the Automatic Machine, we drill the spike and fit the drilled spike in this beater through automation. During operation, the Hardening Steel Spike neither tends to bend nor the point breaks. Owing to these features, we are able to obtain excellent cotton opening with enhanced quality. We adhere to a strict inspection and testing procedure of manufactured products at all stages so as to deliver the best quality.  Rieter C-60 Card Flat Cleaning Brush
Rieter C-60 Card Flat Cleaning Brush
 Rieter C-60 Card Flat Cleaning Brush We make use of Backlite Hylam Material for producing this brush. The manufacturing process is carried out with the help of an automatic machine by which both the stainless steel and Nylon wire is being fixed. The advantage of utilizing Backlite Hylam Material is its inability to shrink or crack offering you superior strength and uniformity. This material also enables you to carry out Flatt cleaning in a better way.
L.R. Carding Chute Feed Opening Roll
Marked by greater precision, we manufacture this beater deploying superior and innovative technology. Imported Aluminum bar is made use of in this Beater. We deploy superior quality Spikes that is subjected to specific hardening process. These features help us to offer you excellent cotton opening with enhanced & guaranteed quality for a particular period of time.
 L.R. Carding Chute Feed Opening Roll
Carding | Lycrin Pin Beater
Carding | Lycrin Pin Beater This Pin Beater is manufactured using cutting-edge technology with the help of Aluminium Extrusion Cylinder and Automatic Hardening Spike is made use of in this Beater. This spike is not subjected to any wear & tear during its operation in the cylinder. This use of Pin Beater provides improved quality and productivity. Besides, the presence of sufficient space/gap between two pins in this Beater prevents the overlapping of cotton, offering you exceptional cotton opening with superior quality.
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